Long time ago in the land of the sun,

Where all the dreams come true

Two lonely harts, trying to reach out for someone

Who wants live free driving out the blue


The scars can’t washed away in a short time you know

You wanna run away but but where you need to go

Oh love, my only love

Please please please relieve me out of this choice

Her eyes like stars how many broken hearts

She left behind her shoulders

Fears of the past remind her the last

same old story in a folder


how many tears I’ve cried before thet you were minw

this emptiness I fell avoid me leave it all behind

but this time no our love it’s true

I want you to be mine


Embrace the world with the eyes of a child

To build a new horizons sweetheart

Believe me my love, let these arms rock you when you need it

Let those hands roll you when you want it

You give me love that kind of love that I can’t live without

I wanna scream it to the world, I wanna shout it loud

Babe babe I need your love