Standing here in the middle of nowhere

Where everything seems to be out of sight

All around I see only rabbles

And what I will going to to ain’t so right

A whore gives me wine

But all I want is to roll over with her tonight

In a room that looks like a stable

Please baby turn off the light

Darling there are moments in life when you are stunned

I picked up my pieces than slept out of her hands

Yeah she gave me honey

But yet it wasn’t enough

Oh there are moments in life

When you would be another man in another world

With another life

Cause babe you were stunned

I walked throught the hells flames

Crushed by the weight of the age

Killed the earstwhile demons

Therefore I was free from that cage

But now things were all change

I’m herein the middle of nowhere

As a broken glass that bleeds

I’m killing myself like the worst murderer

There Are Moments, Moments In Life

When You Commit A Crime,

But There's Always A Reasonn, Babe It's Because,

Cause You're Stunned"

Some Stupid Said I’m A Joker

But they’re only a believer

But who can give all the answer

When you were stunned