Inspired by the character and life of Ayrton Senna


Motor oil is boiling

Rear engine screaming

All the crowd are shouting

C’mon jump over the hurdle

All I want is live as fast as my soul can follow me

I’m ready to start all the words apart

when I’m on the grid I feel like a shark

start like a blowing spark yeah yeah


but there are times when I would stop my mind

because I’m really scared ‘bout this life

but I’m a soldier made of blood and steel

don’t say a lie it’s time to live or die


all right the fight starts

red lights are turning off

in my head just one think

3 2 1 push hard on the throttle


Go straight on until the bends hands up on the wheels

Someone would like overtake me but it wan’t be an easy going

When I’m on the road me and my car become just one thing

Don’t forget what I mean


But there are (times) when I would stop my mind

And see some people crying tears made of love

I know I’m a fighter but sometimes the fate

Doesn’t agree with you there’s nothing you can do


Now my time on heath is ending

But I will watch you from the sky

Don’t forget the meaning of your life

Never say a lie it’s time to live or die